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Custodian Wealth Builders Workshops

Custodian Wealth Builders workshops are an educational experience second to none. We provide only relevant, clear facts delivered in a way you can effectively use.

Our professional and friendly speakers are active and successful investors within the custodian program and are keen to instruct you on the finer points of property investment.

During our workshops you will learn how to build wealth through property investment using our principles and well-used plan of action. You will also be given the most up to date information and statistics regarding the current economic conditions and how it affects our strategies.

We will cover our tried, tested and proven method of building wealth over a 10 – 20 year period and show you how to generate a positive income of $60,000 per annum through residential property.

We will also explore the following questions:

  • What is happening in Australia’s economic climate and what does it mean for property investors?
  • How will low interest rates, population fluctuations, jobs and wage growth impact the way property investors think?
  • Where will the next property hotspots be and how can we capitalise on them?
  • How is the rise of China affecting Australia right now and into the future?

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