Custodian Land Complaints: Justified or just misunderstandings?

Often Custodian land complaints are made as the result of a misunderstanding, or a response to misinterpreted information. Many times when people try to explain the concepts to their friends, some of the facts become fuzzy. Custodian welcome complaints from the public so that they can help people gain a better understanding of the truth.

What are complaints exactly? Are they truly the response of someone who has suffered a loss as deemed in legal terms? Or, is more about someone who feels hard done by due to their own inadequacies and responds in an emotional way that appears damaging towards another?

Either way, complaints are negative and must be handled with care. More often than not, a complaint has arisen from a misunderstanding of some kind and the person lodging the complaint is only seeking some form of recognition or perhaps compensation of some sort.

Every company is faced with complaints of some nature on a regular basis. It’s how they deal with those complaints that matters most. For example, simply responding to a person lodging a complaint with a counter complaint is not going to win the hearts and minds of those involved, and not the observers. Poor handling of complaints ultimately can lead to damaged reputation, and so it pays to tread very carefully in situations such as these.

As an independent observer, I have reviewed several Custodian land complaints, and while I can say that in 99% of cases, the person making the complaint is at fault, not everyone is going to see it that way. I have come to learn that Custodian land complaints are handled with care. They do listen, and where possible seek to provide the necessary solution. However, there are always some people that can never be pleased.

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