Custodian Wealth Builders Reviews – A Case Study

One of the things we love to see is when people find us, follow our process and realise financial success in their lives. Mark and Margaret Wachnik are a great example of this. If you would like to read the full case study on their success story, you can find it at

Mark and Margaret’s story is quite interesting. Based on their living habits, they were very good at buying property with a loan, then paying that loan off super fast. If there was not a loan to pay off though – the money seemed to disappear. IE They found paying off loans easy, but savings difficult. So having spent a number of years without debt – and finding they had no savings – they decided (without advice) to borrow and invest in some other assets.

It was around this time that Margaret happened on John’s book The 7 Steps to Wealth (You can download the first 3 chapters of this book for free here) The content in this best selling book made real sense to them, so they decided to attend one of the Custodian Workshops. This was in 2000. Shortly after this they purchased a couple of investment properties in Brisbane. They bought a third in 2002, a fourth in 2003 – then their fifth in their SMSF.

It was through the education process with John Fitzgerald that Mark and Margaret learned about the power of having the right loans to build wealth – rather than treating all their properties as if they were their home and therefore trying to pay off all loans as fast as they could. 10 years after their introduction to the Custodian education platform, Mark and Margaret have 13 properties, a portfolio valued at approximately $8,000,000.

This could be you you know – all it requires is knowledge, positive habits and discipline.

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