How To Get The Most From Custodian Workshops

Even though the Custodian workshops are free for our attendees, there is a cost if you intend to attend. This cost is your time. You need to take time out of your life and dedicate it to educating yourself. And time is VERY expensive. It is the one thing in our life that we cannot win back and we are all busy. So with that in mind, I have prepared this post to give you some tips about things that can help you get the most out of the time you spend with us.

  1. Think about your long term financial goals before you come to our workshops
  2. Think about some goals you have for the workshop itself too – this may be related to information learned, inspiration received or connections made
  3. Make sure you arrive on time – and are prepared to give your attention to the presenter
  4. Take lots and lots of notes that you can review later
    1. Review your notes 24 hours after the event
    2. Then review your notes 7 days after the event
    3. Then review your notes 1 month after the event
    4. Then review one last time 3 months after the event – this process will help you retain most of the information your took in
  5. Ask lots of questions about anything you don’t understand. Don’t be shy, the chances are other people in the room are wondering the same thing.
  6. Try and meet 3 people you have never met before.
  7. If you meet someone whose acquaintance you think there may be a mutual benefit in nurturing a relationship with, follow them up and nurture the relationship
  8. Having completed the workshop, make a plan to implement some of the action points in your life
  9. Commit to your plan and implement the action points you planned to – TAKE ACTION
  10. Review the results of you taking action and then – go to another workshop. Rinse and repeat.

So there you have it – my 10 tips to get maximum value from your time investment at a Custodian workshop.


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