Property Workshops: More Than Just How to Buy Property

Custodian Property Investment Workshops are not just a tutorial on how to buy property – they are also a primer on other factors to consider when crafting an effective, successful Real-Estate Investment Portfolio.

Buying property may seem like a pretty easy conceptual undertaking when taken at face value; find property + buy property + rent property = make money. While that may be the end result, there are things to consider while making your decisions. Factors you can learn about through an informative, educational Property Investment Workshop designed to help you develop a property portfolio with assets valued at $2.9 million, in the next decade or two! Or assets that could net $60,000 per annum. That’s real money!

Our Property Investment Workshops are not your usual hyped up, glitzy seminars that offer up a lot of sizzle with not a lot of substance. Instead, they give you real, solid information from professionals who have already made it in the Australian Residential Real-Estate business and who are (thankfully) willing to share their experience.

What you’ll learn is how to use and leverage the environment created by Australia’s Resource Boom, to get involved and invest in residential Real-Estate. You’ll also learn how to read the economy in order to plan out your Wealth Building Investment Strategy.

These are good times for Property Investment in Australia and will only get better. There is always going to be demand for homes and more people are renting than buying. That means there is opportunity for those willing to keep buying and renting out their properties. Property values also typically go up and in fact, have doubled historically over 8-10 years.

Speaking of Property Values, at our workshops, you’ll also be able to take part in discussions about where the current and next hotspots are going to be. That’s valuable inside information you can use to jump start your Real-Estate Investments. Also discussed will be the really big picture – like international issues such as how will China’s rise, affect Australia’s economy and business environment now and into the future?

Most importantly you will learn how to use our proven platform of how to start and get the most out of residential property investment. These workshops are not just for beginners either. Whether you’re just starting out or already own multiple properties, you will gain valuable information from the workshops with no other obligations but to go out there, invest and build wealth.

For more information or to sign up for a one of our Custodian Wealth Builder’s Property Investment Workshops, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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