Custodian property investment seminars provide our clients with the chance to learn from professional property investors. Our seminars also give like-minded people the chance of sharing ideas, strategies and even planning a possible joint-venture. Wealth building and the path to financial freedom through property investment can often be a little overwhelming. However, we are dedicated to leading you every step of the way. CEO John Fitzgerald has developed a fail-safe process designed to lead you on the right path to financial success.

  • Step 1 – Buy land for Capital Growth
  • Step 2 – Optimise Your Income
  • Step 3 – Maximise Tax Benefits
  • Step 4 – Finance to Build
  • Step 5 – Aim for Affordability
  • Step 6 – Make Time Work for You
  • Step 7- Be All You Can Be

To learn more about how to make these steps work for you, read John Fitzgerald’s best selling book, Seven Steps to Wealth, or receive your free copy by attending one of our property workshops. John is also a life changer and motivator and has compiled a great range of books, tools and resources that not only touch on wealth creation, but also on subjects such as goal setting, finding your heart’s purpose, and unleashing your path to personal or professional success, whatever that may be. Contact us for more information about Custodian.