What Workshops Will You Attend in 2015?

We all know self improvement is desirable. It would be great if you can look back, as we come to the end of 2014 and see that you are wiser, healthier, more abundant than you were at the start of the year. Similarly it would be great if at this time next year, you are able to look back and see how much you have grown from today.

If you pause what you are doing for a second right now though, you can all but guarantee this. Why don’t you start with some personal goals. How would you like to grow as a person in the next 12 months. Would you like to see improvements in your:

  • health
  • wealth
  • spiritual evolution
  • contribution to community – or a cause of particular interest
  • fitness
  • education
  • wisdom

Or are there specific goals you would like to achieve such as:

  • competing in a BIG race
  • purchasing a BIG asset
  • paying off a BIG debt

If any of these resonate, why don’t you write them down now.

Having written them down, think about the skills, strategies or information you need to acquire to make these personal goals a reality. What is your level of accomplishment in these areas today, what is the gap to where you want to be this time next year? Write this down too.

Now, I want you to do a Google search. What workshops, seminars or online courses are available, that will help you bridge these gaps. What material is available to you now, to develop the skills you need to achieve your goals for 2015? Go on, find them.

Ok great – and now that you have found them, one final step. Why don’t you commit to doing them. Book yourself in right now. Invest in yourself, commit to yourself. Make the time and commit the money nw. Take action – if you make a start on achieving your 2015 goals right from now, and persist, how can you fail.

What workshops will you attend in 2015? What have you booked already?

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