Whats Your Approach With Complaints?

The world is not a perfect place. Quite often in all our lives, we enter a transaction or a situation with a specific intention or expectation and our expectation is not met. It happens all the time for any number of reasons. Maybe the expectation you had was too high for the service or product you purchased. Maybe it was just different to the main features of the product you purchased. On the other hand, maybe your expectation about the product or service you paid for was spot on, yet it was not delivered. Maybe the business’s system inadvertently broke down, or there were faults with a single product or a batch of products. Maybe the business lacked ethical standards and sold you a standard that they could not provide. Or maybe there was a simple mismatch, the product you purchased wasn’t a great match for you, or where you are in life.

When things don’t go right for you, what is your approach for resolving the situation? Do you seek to work with the other party in the issue to resolve it to your satisfaction? Do you accept it with a level of disappointment, sweep it under the rug, try to forget about it and just commit to never go back to that business? Or do you try and extract an ounce of flesh, getting revenge against the business that let you down?

At Custodian, we try very hard to provide the quality of service and outcomes we promise our clients.  Like any business, things don’t always go perfectly. We really appreciate our clients though who come to us with their dissatisfaction and try and work with us to find an acceptable resolution. The reasons we appreciate these clients is that first, we get the opportunity to rectify dissatisfaction, or clear up a misunderstanding. And second, it gives us the opportunity to review our processes and improve our business also.

If you sweep your dissatisfaction under the rug, the problem is that we don’t know we did not meet your expectations so we can do nothing to rectify this. We would much prefer you let us know what is going on.

And yes – we get our share of “haters” too, people (or competitors) out to claim their ounce of flesh through various attacks on our business. Unfortunately this is just a part of business and we do our best to deal with those situation as they come up.

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